3D Medicines (3DMed) founded in 2010, is a leading precision medicine company in China focused on cancer precision medical treatment to save patients’ lives. Adhering to the concept of "science changes the world", 3DMed is becoming an integrated Chinese practitioner of the combination of cancer diagnosis and treatment through the integration of biological characteristics, clinical diagnosis & treatment and drug R&D data mining application. Nowadays, 3DMed has more than 450 employees in China and US.

3DMed is the first company to build up and integrate the two platforms of new drug R&D and diagnosis. It has set up cooperation with more than 200 domestic A-level hospitals. In the field of diagnosis, 3DMed provides the products and services for different people, which is covering tumor tissue and blood samples. In the field of drug development, 3DMed has a rich R&D pipeline which covers Immunotherapy and other Biomarker-Driven targeting therapy. Currently, anti PD-L1 tumor immunotherapy project, the first subcutaneous injection PD-L1 in the world, has entered into clinical development stage, which is synchronously held in China, US and Japan. The phase Ⅱclinical trial of the 2nd macromolecule drug, which could regulate the growth of T cells will occur soon.